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The seven headed

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The Typical Thing
Tabea And Doris
Are Still Allowed
to Dance Apache

Without Title
AKA The Seven Deadly Accidents in The Home

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"     " LP
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Die Tödliche Doris
Live in SO 36

Choirs and Solos
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Choirs and Solos
live in Delphi-Palast

Our Debut
Natural Catastrophes
1 9 8 5
Die Super Doris
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LP: six
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Choirs and Solos
live in Delphi Palast

(Chöre & Soli live im Delphi-Palast)

Audio-Tape 1984
First published in 1986


From 2000 till 2005 we offer all tracks by Die Tödliche Doris for the free download.
For a pitty since 2005 the GEMA create a new law,. that also the copyright-owner have to pay money in future, if they offer their music on a public website for free download.
This was the reason, we can’t offer our tracks in public anymore.

Now Doris can give you her music only personaly.
So write her a personal mail and ask for her music: Doris@die-toedliche-doris.de .

These live tracks of Chöre & Soli- programs were recorded on New Year's Eve 1983/84 in the context of the program which accompanied Harold Szeemann's exhibition "The Inclination Towards the Total Work of Art." The delicate A-capella ditty is subsumed by the swelling noise of a completely drunken public. But that is not at all so tragic because The Deadly Doris is always happy to make space for others.


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