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The seven headed

1 9 8 1
The Typical Thing
Tabea And Doris
Are Still Allowed
to Dance Apache

Without Title
AKA The Seven Deadly Accidents in The Home

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"     " LP
1 9 8 3
Die Tödliche Doris
Live in SO 36

Choirs and Solos
1 9 8 4
Choirs and Solos
live in Delphi-Palast

Our Debut
Natural Catastrophes
1 9 8 5
Die Super Doris
1 9 8 6
LP: six
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Die Tödliche Doris

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The Super Doris
performed by David Steeves

(Die Über-Doris)

Audio-Tape 1984


From 2000 till 2005 we offer all tracks by Die Tödliche Doris for the free download.
For a pitty since 2005 the GEMA create a new law,. that also the copyright-owner have to pay money in future, if they offer their music on a public website for free download.
This was the reason, we can’t offer our tracks in public anymore.

Now Doris can give you her music only personaly.
So write her a personal mail and ask for her music: Doris@die-toedliche-doris.de .

Doris as musician. That Doris is deadly is not at all so clear to herself. Because she actually loves all people. She went to a "humanistic" high school so to say, where she naturally also had music lessons. She likes music very much, as everything. Whether or not she controls one instrument or them all is no matter; she finds it amazing if people make music. Actually everybody should make a little bit of music. Doris sees herself not as a musician exactly; she would consider that to be a limitation. Luckily there are so many, who attend to the music-making on her behalf. Doris rather likes to sing, her favorite instruments are sirens.


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